Disputing or Challenging a Property's Tax Assessment or Tax Value
If you disagree with your current assessed tax value, please call us for a consultation regarding the current market value of your property. If the market value of homes adjacent to your property have been depreciating or if you feel your property's tax assessed value is above the homes adjacent to yours; then you may be able to challenge your assessed value and lower your property taxes. An appraisal for current market value by a state certified real estate appraiser is an effective method to dispute your assessed tax value. We are experienced at helping home owners dispute and lower their property taxes in several North Texas county's, when the time s right. We can directly help you dispute and potentially lower your property taxes in DFW.  
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We use our experience in real estate valuation to appeal your property taxes
  1. Protest and Appeal Property Taxes
    Protest and Appeal Property Taxes
    The home appraisal is a valuation service that involves the process of producing an opinion of value for a specific dwelling. This opinion or estimate is concluded through the use of a formal process that typically utilizes the three main "common approaches to value". One of the methods is the Cost Approach - which is what it would cost to replace the improvements, less physical deterioration and other factors, plus the land value. Easily the most common approach in figuring the likely sales price of a house is the Sales Comparison Approach which involves figuring a comparison to comparable properties nearby.
  2. Townhomes, Houses, Condos
    Townhomes, Houses, Condos
    Let us help you try to lower your property taxes. Utilize our firms professional consultants to dispute your assessed property value in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Plano
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    Generally speaking, the Sales Comparison Approach is the most accurate indicator of market value of a house. The Income Approach is generally used for determining the market value of income-producing properties based on what an investor would pay based on the amount of income a property would bring in.
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